Build or HIIT – Upper Body Strength + Anaerobic Training

720 Athletics – Build or HIIT

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Warm-up (No Measure)

2min AMRAP

5 Pushups

5 Air Squats

5 Band Bent over Row

Bench Press

WU: 8x 55%

WU: 6x 75%

A1: Working Sets: 4×2 @85% w/4 sec negative

A2: 4 x 3/3leg Forward Lunge Chest Throw w/MB (4-8#)

*goal is to be super explosive with each rep

Metcon (Time)

A. 3 sets:

18 UB Thruster 105/70

*rest 60sec b/t each set

B. 3 sets:

18 Pullups

*rest 60sec b/t each set



3min Max Walk over Pushups on KB

3min Max No Pushup Burpees

3min Max KB Swings

3min Max Distance Air Runner

A. 3 sets:

18 UB Single DB Thruster

*rest 60sec

B. 3 sets:

18 UB Ring Rows

*rest 60sec