Personalized Programming & Nutrition Coaching

Have you hit a plateau in Fitness classes? Do you want to start competing in local competitions? Do you have sport-specific goals? Are you eager to learn and improve?


Are you recovering from an injury and apprehensive of jumping back into your fitness regime? Do you perform better in a one-on-one coaching setting?


Do you have body composition goals that you are struggling to reach? Pounds to lose? Pounds to gain? Performance to enhance? Energy levels to boost?


If you answered 'Yes' to any of the above questions, personal programming, personal training, and nutrition coaching may be right for you.

Every athlete has different strengths and weaknesses which require a different approach to maximizing their athletic potential. If you want a custom, individualized program, and want to improve as efficiently as possible, you've come to the right place!

Personal Programming with 720 includes programming designed specifically for you by your coach. You will have access to your coach via app, text, or phone for questions, feedback, and video review. Your coach will also provide instructional videos and any other support needed to reach your athletic goals.

Personal programming clients can complete their training sessions at 720 Athletics during Open Gym hours or remotely.

Identical to Personal Programming in that your workout is developed by your coach for you and only you, Personal Training goes one step further by having the eyes of the coach on your during your workout sessions. Together with your coach, you will discuss your fitness history, goals, and timeframes for reaching these goals. Your coach will write a personalized program and lead you through your workouts, exercise by exercise.

Whether you are looking to step-up your game by using elite nutrition strategies to improve in your sport, looking to lose weight, develop a leaner body composition, or seeking a more healthful, longevity-focused life, nutrition coaching is essential to reaching those goals. Individualized nutrition coaching focuses on creating a close relationship between the client and coach in which clear, concise, strategic habits and skills are personalized to a plan that works realistically with the clients' goals. 

With nutrition coaching, you receive access to your coach via text, phone, or email at all times. This means you get the support you need along the way and the freedom to ask your coach whatever questions you may have. With your coach, you will delve into nutrient timing, post-workout nutrition, pre-workout nutrition, supplementation, blood-work assessment, eating for body composition, as well as sleep and recovery modalities. We will assess your goals, determine the habits that will best improve your nutritional lifestyle, and reassess every few weeks to track improvement.

Online Programs

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Functional BodyBuilding

6 week program

Functional Bodybuilding is a training system that prioritizes quality of movement over intensity. Bodybuilding and controlled methods of movement are used to help athletes fulfill their function. This methodology is beneficial to athletes because it can enhance performance. 

Aerobic Capacity

11 week program

This program caters to strength, weight-loss, and endurance training. For strength-related goals, enhancing aerobic capacity can improve blood, oxygen and nutrient flow to working muscles and help with recovery between sets of resistance-training exercises. Improving the flow of blood to muscles can also help improve flexibility. For weight-loss or endurance-training goals, improving aerobic capacity is essential for achieving them.


17 week program

This program incorporates the Squat, Deadlift, Press, and Bench Press along with related strength movements to improve both form and efficiency. Programming is sequential and conjunction with body building, core work, and accessory work.

Olympic Weightlifting

13 week program

This program incorporates the snatch/clean and jerk along with related strength movements to improve both form and efficiency. Programming is sequential and in conjunction with core, strength, and accessory work.

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