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Performance is a 60-minute class offering options to cater to all abilities and desires.The HIIT option is high-intensity/cardio focused and utilizes bodyweight movements, dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls. Our Build option incorporates Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and more. Build typically consists of one to two strength components with an aerobic or anaerobic finisher.


Prior experience with a barbell or a one-on-one session with one of our coaches in preferred for our Build option.

Olympic Weightlifting/Strength

60-minute class teaching proper technique of the snatch/clean and jerk along with related strength movements to improve both form and efficiency. Programming is sequential and in conjunction with core work, powerlifting, bodybuilding and accessory work each class. This class is suitable for beginner through advanced athletes and is on Saturday's at 8:30am.

Competitors Class

This class is held every Saturday from 7-8:30am and for athletes looking for more volume, intensity and movement efficiency. This class will comprise of sled and sandbag work along with strength and a higher skill Metcon. The class will finish with some core and accessory work. It is intended to get athletes ready for local or regional competitions.

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