Safety Guidelines

We are super excited to open even if it’s under set guidelines. Please read the guidelines and procedures below of how things will work when you come to class.


  • Please wear a face covering entering and exiting the building. Keep the face covering on while washing your hands, going to the bathroom, cleaning and returning your equipment to the proper place.
  • As you enter the gym please wait in the front lobby till the coach on staff instructs you to proceed, then go straight back to the sink to wash your hands. 
  • Please limit the equipment you bring into the gym, so just bring shoes, knee sleeves, grips, etc that you need for that session and leave everything else in your car.
  • Please bring a clean towel to clean all your equipment. Practice social distancing when you can.
  • You will have your own workout space, distanced from others in your session. Please stay in this area for the duration of your session unless we are using the rig (which you will have your own bar the entire time) or running outside.
  • At the end of your session, please wipe down your equipment with the cleaning supplies in your space. You will use soap and water and then sanitize everything. 
  • Face masks are required to workout. We'd ask you to be vigilant of others and give them their space - if you feel faint or dizziness please remove the mask and step outside. 
  • Classes will run for 50-55 min with 5-10 minutes to clean. Bring bottled water as our water fountains are temporarily out of service.
  • Wash your hands before you leave the building. 
  • Just moved to the area and looking for a new gym? We offer a free week trial. Please email [email protected] for more information. 
  • Have fun working out!!