The end of an epic era in traditional CROSSFIT

This is an absolute must read for everyone at 720 Athletics, especially for those wanting more traditional Crossfit workouts. Three of the 720 Athletic coaches have performed at a very high level in the Crossfit open and the Crossfit Games Regionals (when it was still a thing). So when it comes to traditional Crossfit, we have a very good idea of what it takes to get to that level and more importantly the toll it takes on the body. Performing repetitive movements over and over again as seen in traditional Crossfit metcons WILL break you down. It’s not a matter of IF but WHEN. The below article articulates everything we are trying to provide to everyone at this gym. We’ve learned from our fitness past and are now providing the most well rounded programming you will get for your present and future. Trust the process!

Crossfit but smarter, the end of an epic era in traditional Crossfit