Basic components that should be embeded in a warm-up to prepare the neuromuscular system to work optimally for the activity that follows include: raising body temperature, mobilizing joints, and honing movement patterns under light or no load. Not every position, movement pattern, and expression of force can be implemented within a purposeful and clearly defined workout program. The warm-up provides a window of time that we can use to create low volume accumulations of work, load, and motor patterning that compliment the wider program. Logically, we implement warm-up exercises that reflect the positions and patterns that will be stressed in the main session. Additionally, the warm-up can incorporate movement patterns, joint ranges, and positions that are not being focussed on in the workout so that the athlete can maintain wider movement diversity, literacy, and control.

In finance, the concept of compound interest illustrates how small things can accumulate and multiply over time. Small and prescriptive investments of well-reasoned exercise selection during your WARM-UP, day after day, can accumulate to a significant athletic return.