The 60sec Assaut Bike Test

With the 60sec assault bike test that we’re doing today, it’s important to know what this test gauges as far as what kind of athlete you are or areas you need to be working on. There’s many things to consider when perfroming this test.

1. Willingness to SUFFER? Pretty simple here. You either are or are not. It’s only 60sec right?!

2. Body weight- Being able to apply more force into each peddle can dictate your score. If you’re a shorter/ lighter athlete than you may struggle on this test. Getting stronger can definitely help you though.

3. What kind of muscle fiber distribution is most dominate in your body (see below)? 

Type 1- Slow twitch, long distance (endurance), Low fatigue.

Type 2A- Fast twitch (oxidative), Moderate distance and intensities, Moderate Fatigue rate (could do well in 60sec AB test)

Type 2B- Fast twitch (glycolic), Short distances, high intensity, Quick/ High Fatigue rate