READ Your Labels

Foods that are marketed as “Good for You”, but it just ain’t so.

• Salad Dressing – Read the label: sugar is typically on top of the ingredient list.

• Luncheon/Deli Meat – They often contain dye, nitrates, BHT, BHA, and MSG. They are also typically high in high fructose corn syrup and sodium.

• Canned Soups – Always high in sodium. Additionally, you’ll likely find benzoate and artificial sweeteners.

• Fiber-Added Cereals – These tend to be very high in white sugar and syrup.

• Canned Vegetables – Canned veggies are akin to dead food. Vegetables must be sterilized before being placed in cans. There’re as far from fresh, crunchy, and loaded with micronutrients as you can get.

• Whole Grain Bread – Contain preservatives, dough conditioners, and high in sugar.