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Why Are Squats and Deadlifts Recommended So Much?

The reason for this goes well-beyond the fact that these two exercises hit many major muscle groups all in one movements.  These exercises aren’t just for competitive athletes or people who want to get huge or super strong.  The squat and deadlift motions are very natural, and we do them in everyday life. The stronger…

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Wyoming Open 2013

Lisa and I had the wonderful opportunity of competing in the Women’s Pro Division in the Wyoming Open this past weekend. Competing is the best way to make yourself humble and find out where your weaknesses lie. In the women’s pro division there were 14 amazing athletes that pushed us to our limits and tested…

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WOD+BBQ=Sunday Fun day!

Come join us this Sunday at CrossFit 720 for a fun wod and bbq, everyone is welcome! Gives us a chance to meet our neighbors, make new friends and start building this community one person at a time!

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After a long stretch of breaking and fixing things, we are almost to the finish line.  Building a gym is definitely not an easy task, but this is where our heart is and it is well worth our blood, sweat, and tears.   We could have not done this without the love and support from our family…

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Regionals Experience

(By: Ryan Woods) After years of hard work and dedication, 6 of our athletes accomplished the goal of competing in Regionals.  The entire experience was something none of us will ever forget.  Every one of us had spectated at Regionals before, and it was a dream come true to be the people on the floor…

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