720 Athletics – Build or HIIT

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Warm-up (No Measure)

2min monostructural of choice

2 rounds:

8 Pushup to pike

4/4 Sumo stance torso around the worlds

8 sumo squats

2-4/2-4 Airplane hip rotations

Metcon (No Measure)

No clock for this one. Focus on quality.

A. 3 rounds:

12/12 Cossack squat to lateral step up

10/10 Side plank hip dips


B. 3 rounds:

360 Box/Pike HS Walk (L&R) Adv: 30ft HS walk

20 Situp to overhead


C. 3 rounds:

100ft Duck Walk (at parallel) or Accumulate 60sec forward/reverse

20 Towel Russian Twists (arms extended)


D. 3 rounds:

8/8 Rear foot elevated RDL + Split squat

20 Feet elevated hip thrust
*Part A- Surface height is mid shin- knee. Use DB, KB, pack, text book, jug as shown in video.

*Part B- If you can do a wall walk, do 3 reps. Use any external load for the situps as you’d like or towel as shown in video.

*Part C- You can use any external load for the twists if you’d like.

*Part D- Mid shin-Knee height on elevated surface. Use external load if you have it or body weight only.