Gymnastics 5/29/19

CrossFit 720 – Gymnastics

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Warm-up (No Measure)

2min run/bike/row

then.. ~10min of:

1. Shoulder flexion w/ back against wall

2. Shoulder External rotation against wall

3. Shoulder internal rotation side leaning against wall

4. Wrist extension against wall w/ scapular protraction/ retraction + Biceps tendon stretch

5. Wall Bridge

6. Quad and hip mobility


Core Mobility:

3×3 P’s only of PSP

Handstand Progression (complete all sets and reps before moving to next movement):

2×4/side Alternating Gymnastics Lunge into wall (focus on pressing armpits into wall/arch position)

2×2 Wall Walk to 45deg

5 x tripod to headstand x 3 reps (against wall) + Forward roll after 3rd rep

Bar work:

3×7 Hollow Arch Swings

3×7 Low Kipping (baby pullups) Pullup drill

3×3 50% T2B (strict)

Ring Work:

5 x J Hook drill (bar in rack and secured with bands)

5x Support ladder (3sec hold per position, top/middle/bottom)

3×7 Ring Swings (focus on back swings)