Grunt/Comp Class 1/25/20

Show up 15-20min early. Warm up on your own and be ready to go at 7 for the coach to go over the session
15min to find 3RM:
Pin Press from 3″ above chest
3RM :
1-1/2 Front Squat
3 sets:
8-10 Copenhagen Knee tucks
10 Slider Hamstring Curls
10 High to Low Wide Grip Row (w/ light bar + Band)
10 Tricep Pushups (bar in rack)
*rest as needed
*build as needed
14min AMRAP:
1 Rope Climb
2 Power Snatch 155/105
3 Muscle ups (bar or rings)
400m Run
50ft/50ft Suitcase + OH KB Carry 70/53
6 Burpee Box Jump Step Down 30/24″
7 Front Squats 155/105