What does it mean to compete? There can be many different definitions and meanings behind the word.  Some would say its a way of life, others would say that its an arena encompassed by the activity of sport.  Either way you look at it competition surrounds us daily. How we approach and handle it is the key to success.

The majority of our clients are competing next weekend in the York Street/720 intra-gym competition. And I would say over 90% have never competed in a CrossFit competition so this is an excellent place to start! Every time you compete it gets a little easier and you get better, now don’t get me wrong you will still have butterflies when the clock hits 3,2,1….but thats when the training kicks in. You have to believe and trust in your training.  The best athletes in the world just don’t walk out onto the field or court and do great things.  They work hard and are dedicated to their sport.

The workouts will be released 2 days before the comp so that gives everyone a little time to think and strategize on how they want to approach each workout. Think about the pace you want to maintain depending on the length of the workout, where you should push and where you should back off. Know how you want to break up your reps and where you can go unbroken depending on your strengths. Minimize your weaknesses best as possible by playing to your strengths.  Set mini goals throughout the workout and hit all of them.

Doing all these things will ease your mind and your nerves because with confidence you will be able to approach each workout with readiness. You will know your goals and limitations and know yourself as an athlete.  When that clock hits zero you will believe and trust in the training that Lisa and I have put you through!

Be great people, do great things and give it your absolute best!! Good Luck!