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(No Measure)

500m row
2 rounds
10 wallballs
10 kipping swings
10 sit-ups

Front Squat (skill work w/pvc and bar)

air squat technique work

Metcon (Time)

Front Squats (115,75#)

Metcon (Time)

Front Squats (95,65#)
toes to kettlebell

Cool Down

200m Jog
3 Position Band Stretch:
1st pos.:
Place band around the post, shin high
Place body parallel to the post
Stick leg in closest to the post up to groin
-Get into a pigeon pose, but bring the knee across your body aligned to the farthest shoulder
Hold 30 Sec.
2nd pos:
With the same leg, on your knees (leg should be @ 90 degrees (other leg straight out)
Hold 30 Sec.
3rd pos:
now place both knees on the ground in an A frame (90 degrees), keep shin vertical on the ground. Forearms on the ground and try to bring your hips towards the ground.
Hold 30 Sec.
*Once each leg