720 VS. York Street CrossFit

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It was a big day for 720.  For most of our athletes, it was their very first CrossFit competition.  Nerves were stirring in the air all week leading to the intra-gym competition.  Everyone was starting to doubt their ability to perform…..”I don’t think I’m good enough”, “I don’t think I can do that movement”, “I’m not going to do very well”.

All of them proved themselves wrong.  We were very impressed with their ability to push when things got tough.  They were used to doing 1 workout a day…….they faced 3-4 workouts during the competition.
The first workout was a couplet.  It consisted of 100 burpees onto a 45# plate, the twist, 5 kettlebell swings every minute on the minute with a 10 minute time cap.  With a 5 minute transition, the next workout was a 1rm shoulder to overhead with a 6 minute time cap.  Considering the athletes just finished 100 burpees, they still managed to set some pr’s on their lift.  It was amazing to see these athletes throw some weight around and accomplish things they never done before.  Workout #2, 4 rounds of double unders and rowing.  Workout #3, AMRAP (as many rounds/reps as possible) of bike, squat cleans, rope climbs/chest 2 bar/ring rows.  For the final workout, the top 5 athletes from each division was chosen to compete.  “The Chipper”  10 wall walks, 25 toes to bar, 35 kettlebell snatches, 55 box jumps, and 75 wall balls.  From the scaled division, Spencer, Andrew H., Christa,Sarai, and Marielle In the Rx division, Andrew L., Armando, John B., Stacy, Theresa, and Katie.  Andrew took 1st and Spencer took 3rd in the scaled division along with Christa taking 1st.  In the Rx division, Andrew took 3rd, Theresa 2nd, and Stacy 3rd.  It was brutal and a close ending to a long day of competing.

Everyone did so well and most of all, left everything they had on the floor.  It’s pretty impressive to see these athletes who have been crossfitting since we’ve opened (7 months),  perform the way they did.  Congratulations to everyone who competed, it’s only the beginning.  We are excited to see what is ahead of us with our 720 family!